Choosing images to decorate your space can be difficult
We understand that it is often very difficult to choose the right image at the best size & colour for a specific area in your home, office or practice
Examples of our images embedded in room spaces
On this site we show some examples of different room spaces with different images from us embedded to look as
realistic as possible
The purpose is to demonstrate to viewers that our
nature photos & photo art images can greatly enhance YOUR living or work space as well
View your favorite images from OUR selection in
YOUR OWN space before deciding to buy
Let us embedded any of our images into photos from
YOUR OWN living space or work space
We are offering this service to you FREE OF CHARGE
What if you like one or more images from our selection, but the colors do not totally fit your room space?
We will restyle the colors from our photo art images to fit your room space as best as possible.
The colors of nature photo images can also be restyled, but mostly only slightly. Any color image can be turned into black & white or into a monotone color.
We are offering this service also FREE OF CHARGE!
Send us photos from your living or work space
Just email us a few photos from your room space, ideally taken from different angles, and indicate which of our images you would like to see embedded in your own space
(the photos should be in JPG format and the size for the longest axis should ideally be about 1800 pixels)
If you are living within about 60 kilometers from Ingolstadt in Germany  we are also offering to visit your home / office to discuss your choice and take photos to embed our image in your space to help you make a better choice - this we also offer as a free service without any commitments from you to buy any image from us.
Select the size of the prints
Indicate the approximate width / height of our images that you like to see embedded in your room photo
(TIP: most people select the sizes way too small to fill a specific space!)
You are under no obligation
You are under no obligation to buy any of our prints
after you have made use of our free offer to help you choose the most appropriate image for your space
View our full selection of nature photography and
photo art images
There are over 900 images that can be viewed & bought from our site PHOTO ART PRINTS
We offer 2 different framing types, at nine different sizes
Looking for other sizes or printing & framing options? We also offer custom sizes, printing & framing options
on request
Everything that you may want to know about our print & framing options, prices, ordering procedures, payment procedures and more is explained at
Contact us by email if you have questions or comments

Created by Wynand & Claudia du Plessis  //  Photo Art Prints

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